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Uccello Kettle

The Uccello Kettle is a practical assistive technology that makes pouring a kettle feel light as a feather, while also opening up a world of confidence and independence for anyone who wishes to handle boiling hot water safely.

One Touch Jar Opener

The One Touch jar opener stabilises the jar while opening the lid for the user. The outer jaws adjust to grasp the side of the jar whilst the inner jaws stabilise the lid during the movement.

Homecraft Caring Mug

The Homecraft caring mug is made of a clear polypropylene, it has two large angled handles and a wide base to assist in avoiding spills. The separate feeding spout has small holes for the liquid flow. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.


A shaped stainless steel wire that assists with one handed dressing. Passing through the button hole and over the button to grip the thread. It is then pulled through with a twisting motion

Ezy-As Compression Stocking Applicator

Reduce effort and pain when applying compression garments. Useable on both arms and legs. Designed to be used independently by patients or by carers, the stocking is fed onto the gutter, held in place by side notches, slipped over foot, then pulled into place

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