Pressure Cushions

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Bullsone Balance Seat

The Bullsone balance seat is designed to provide a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position for a prolonged period of time. Its core feature is a worldwide patented multi layer honeycomb structure constructed from Vetagel. Vetagel is a 99.9% antibacterial high elasticity special polymer. The balance seat was a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016 in Germany. Warranty: 12 months from purchase date.


quaGel Cushions use column buckling technology to redistribute the weight of the seated patient over a wider surface area to reduce interface pressures and protect the tissue beneath the ischial tuberosities from pressure damage. The cushion is made from a dry-polymer gel which is almost rubbery to the touch. The honeycomb lattice of this gel has high tensile and compression strength which is referred to as “column buckling”.

Star Cushions

A range of Star Cushions are available through Country Care Horsham, including the Traditional Air Cell Cushion, Galaxy Cushion, StarLock Cushion, Stabil-Air Cushion and Support Surfaces.

ROHO Cushions

We have both the High and Low profile ROHO cushions in store to try.

Peak Care S

Swivel seat cushion designed to aid transfers. Ideal for use in a car or onto a chair. The hard, non-slip, base maintains the shape of the cushion to assist with a smooth transfer and even pressure relief. Lightweight and portable, this swivel cushion is also easy to clean and maintain.

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